How to Write Articles Fast – Speech to Text Dictation Software

One of the biggest keys to success when it comes to article marketing is the ability to not only create quality content but also creating content quickly. Let’s face it, there are only 24 hours a day and you really want to maximize the use of your time. So having the ability to produce articles quickly is crucial to your online success. Good news is, this is something that can be learned and you can train yourself to be a better and faster writer. You just need to know how to do it.

How To Write Articles Quickly Using Speech Recognition Software:-

In this article, I’m going to share a tip with you on how you can produce article easily and quickly without having to actually write to type. I spend a lot of time on the computer and I can type fairly quickly, however if you do not know touch typing or do not like to type/write for whatever reason, then you can use speech-to-text dictation software.

Speech-to-text dictation software is basically a kind of speech recognition program designed to help you produce articles quickly and easily by turning what you say into text. Hence the name, “speech to text” software. All you need to do is talk on the microphone and it will turn every word you say into text. With some minor editing, you will be able to create a brand new article in just a matter of minutes.

There are quite a few speech recognition softwares in the market but I believe the most popular one is the Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance. Now this software may not be cheap and like any kind of voice/speech recognition softwares, you will have spend some time into training the program to improve its accuracy. But if you would like to produce articles quickly without having to actually ‘write’ or ‘type’, then this may be something you would like to consider trying.

Voice Dictation Mac Software For Big Personal Productivity Gains

Voice recognition software for the Mac OS X operating system has been available for quite a few years now, but the performance of the Mac applications has not been as good as the equivalent PC applications until quite recently. A big advance became possible when Apple adopted the Intel chip, and now Mac users are no longer at a relative disadvantage.

The development of voice recognition software for computers was a popular goal that proved to be a big challenge for software suppliers during the 1980s. It took a long time to evolve into efficient and reliable systems that were sufficiently practical to gain a large following of users.

By the late 1990s there were two primary suppliers in this market for the Apple Mac computers. They were IBM with their product ViaVoice, and a small start-up company called MacSpeech with a product called ListenDo! In 2000 IBM produced a Millennium version of ViaVoice and MacSpeech launched iListen, both of which were significant advances in performance that worked well enough to win over a growing market. The two products shared the Mac market around half each.

Meanwhile Windows PC voice recognition software users were presented with a choice between IBM’s ViaVoice and a product produced by Dragon. Dragon Naturally Speaking emerged as a stronger offering and by 2003 IBM announced that it was withdrawing from the voice recognition software market for both the Windows PC and Mac markets.

Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition and dictation software came to dominate its sector of the market for the Windows PC. The quality of this software continued to evolve and is now a very usable and practical solution popular with many users.

With the withdrawal of IBM’s ViaVoice software for the Mac, MacSpeech became the primary voice recognition software supplier for the Mac. The quality of the iListen product continued to evolve but could never quite match the speed and accuracy that was being experienced by Dragon users on the PC.

Part of the difficulty that MacSpeech had in matching the performance of the Dragon software was related to the technology differences between the PowerPC chip used on the Mac and the Intel chip used on the PC. When Apple chose to switch to using the Intel chip technology in the Mac, MacSpeech produced, in 2008, a new version of its software called MacSpeech Dictate. This version was able to use similar technology to that employed by Dragon, and closed the gap between the performance of the voice recognition software applications available for the PC and Mac.

Today, Mac users are no longer at a disadvantage compared to PC users when it comes to voice recognition and dictation software. Speech recognition software enables worthwhile productivity gains, and gives access to computers to those who have difficulty using the usual keyboard and mouse devices to input data and commands.

MacSpeech Dictate now comes in versions for 13 different English speaking regions and demographics, and for French, German and Italian languages. There are also specialized technical vocabulary versions in English for the medical and legal professions, which facilitate more accurate dictation using the many very specific technical terms and phrases used in these professions.

Digital Software And Server – The Ultimate Way To Improve Business Transactions And Operations

The advent of innovation around the globe is changing rapidly. From simple analog mobile phones, they are now replaced with digital ones. Even new laptops and PCs today, a year or two from now, they will turn out to be obsolete. However, these changes in the market highly affect the business trends. During the past decades, when computers were not yet fully recognized worldwide, people had difficulty reaching out to others even without any long array of communication traffic. From one country to another, sometimes it would take months or days to reach a very important document to the right recipient. Researchers, businessmen, students and among others were affected by the idle trend of global communication during the past decades.

After a couple of years, the advent of new platform of communication was being invented. Although it is still far from the gadgets and devices we have now, but still, its emergence contributed a lot to the development of various modern technologies.

In the business world, technology plays a huge factor to give outstanding services to generation customers. Dictation software and dictation server were being invented to improve better workflows. With the modern software, several industries have been benefited from it especially those companies in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) venue. The latest trend in dictation software and dictation server helps several companies to raise their income and revenues. By all means, a lot of these companies acquire great advantages that would bring their name on top of the business ladder.

Furthermore, touchscreen 4g mobiles are also been used nowadays by corporate individuals to reach their clients in a speed of time. Several developments of these devices pave the way for other equipment capable of producing snap feedback and results. Whether one is enjoying a luxurious vacation or having been into meetings out of town, with just a touch, a person can expedite personal and business transactions so quick. It is surely amazing that despite of its handy size, it can generate tremendous jobs to make life a lot easier.

The fast development of various technologies amazes everybody. Can you imagine what our devices would look like 10 years from now? I am quite sure of the fact that these latest mobiles, which we are using now, will turn out to be a laughing gas a couple of years from now. The amount we spent on our new devices and gadgets today will surely commensurate to the value of a candy from your local store years from now. However, no matter how fast the growth and development of technologies these days, business transactions and even personal ones, gain a lot of advantages over disadvantages.