Is Dictation Software Worth it For Authors?

Dictation software has become very effective, but is it worth the expense? I think it is, but there are advantages and disadvantages, and a lot depends on how good a touch typist you are. The latest versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking and MacSpeech Dictate are the leading brands for the Windows PC and Apple Mac respectively. They use a very similar technology and the companies have merged to continue developing the software.

The investment you had to make in voice recognition software used to be a lot more than just the initial purchase cost. It could take a long time to train earlier versions of dictation software to understand your accent and your vocabulary. This learning process was not just time-consuming but frustrating to a busy user who was looking for an immediate gain in productivity. Recent versions of the software from the above two companies has advanced to the point where very little initial training is now needed before the software will work with a surprisingly low rate of error.

There are some situations where the software is so good that there is really no choice but to make use of the technology. If you have to prepare a report while you’re working with your hands, for example a pathologist wanting to record his observations while he works, dictation software will give a huge productivity benefit.

For an author doing a lot of original writing the benefits are a little more debatable. Original writing requires that you think a great deal as you write. The mechanical process of typing can leave the mind free to think on to the next stage, and to formulate the story, paragraph and sentence structure and choice of words that you will use.

When you are dictating as you go your thoughts have to be carefully developed before you open your mouth. It can take a lot of practice before you can freely dictate what you want to say without interrupting the flow while you think through what comes next. If you are a slow typist, or have a disability that makes it difficult to type, the advantages of using dictation software heavily outweigh the disadvantages. If you are a fast touch typist the answer is not quite so clear.

A fast touch typist can be constantly entering data at a fast clip, with their hands and brain working in parallel, while a person using dictation software is compelled to enter the data in fits and starts. One moment they are thinking through what to say next, and then they have to switch to another mode of thinking to dictate the words they have decided upon. For this type of writing it can take a while to become as efficient as a fast touch typist when you are using dictation software.

You will still experience errors when using software like MacSpeech Dictate. While it can enter the data very quickly, you may need to spend a little more time editing your draft than you would if you typed the words in directly.

Speech Dictation Software For the Medical Transcription Industry

Many different industries would benefit from the innovations in speech dictation software. Perhaps none are more affected than the medical transcription industry, as the core business is to take information that is provided in the form of speech and convert it into accurate client files. There are challenges to the providers of speech dictation software as it must be much more complex and flexible for the transcription industry that it would need to be for others.

The first thing that a good speech dictation software platform must do is accept client input in a number of different ways. Some medical professionals will prefer to submit files that they have recorded on their computer. There will be others that would rather simply pick up a phone and be able to dictate into it and subsequently receive a file to be inserted in their client file.

The most advanced varieties of speech dictation software will accept these different types of files and then convert them into text on a remote server. It makes much more sense than giving this to an individual medical transcriptionist as it will likely tax a personal computer’s system. When it is done on a server, it means that the transcriptionist will receive a file that has already been converted and they can then start working on it.

If a full software platform is implemented, it should allow for the transcriptionist to work on one file while another one is being transcribed and sent to them in the background. These advanced software platforms can handle workflow automatically and will ensure that there is no downtime for medical transcriptionists. This will also make things more efficient for management and they will only need to intervene when a priority file must be delivered.

The speech dictation software that is used by medical transcriptionists is not the same as you would purchase from a retail store or find included on your computer’s operating system. First of all, the more powerful systems will be able to include punctuation and identify things like sentence breaks. That is going to require some sophisticated software, and it is not likely that most personal computers would handle that very well.

The kind of software that would be required by medical transcriptionists must also have significantly more ability in terms of its medical vocabulary. Not only are there a wide variety of terms that are used for different procedures, medicines or illnesses but many are added all the time. A complete software platform will be able to deliver those changes to the interface on a user’s computer without interrupting the work.

Medical transcription companies that want to grow their business will invest in speech dictation software that can provide them with a number of different functions. It will not only make each medical transcriptionist more productive by sending them a file that they can use and making editing and review easier but it will do much more. It will also assist with workflow distribution and can handle billing and payroll functions as well.

Dragon Medical Dictation Software – A Great Choice For Any Medical Professional

Dragon medical dictation software is a sophisticated software program that helps medical professionals, and people who work in the medical industry transcribe their speech into typed words in a document. This makes their lives easier and makes them more efficient in their work, thus saving them time and their companies money. It is a win-win!

This product is from a line of speech recognition software by the Nuance Communications Corporation called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is a very useful and high quality dictation system and is designed specifically for the medical field, it has a huge vocabulary of specific and unusual medical terms. The terms vocabulary is an absolute must for any medical professional, as without it, they would likely find themselves in a position of having to do numerous edits after the transcription software did it work, which is obviously less than ideal.

In order to use Dragon medical dictation, when you install it into your computer you will need to supply the software with some simple and straightforward information in order for the program to work at optimal efficiency. You will select your type of accent, for example you can select British, Australian, American Southern and several others. You will then need to select what type of vocabulary you will be using, this program is equipped with large list of specific medical fields, from cardiology to midwifery to hand surgery, if you aren’t speaking about a particular subject you can just choose general medical dictation. The program will then need to adjust to your microphone, and if you have any ambient noise, such as a fan, the software will detect and calibrate for it.

You will then need to train the system for about four or five minutes by reading text from the screen, and for the last step the software will ask your permission to scan any word documents and emails you have on your computer. It does this because studies have shown people speak and write similarly and learning your writing style will increase the software’s effectiveness. Once this is done, you will be ready to rock with your new dictation software, and it will be tailored perfectly to your voice and speech patterns.

This software is very good at recognizing medical terminology, and you may find yourself quite surprised at how accurate this software is as well as the money and time you save on transcription services.