Using Dictation Software to Write Articles

I’ve been using computers for many years. I can touch type at a reasonable speed, however the promise of dictating at a speed of over 100 words a minute if something that my typing could never keep up with.

I first tried dictation software around five years ago and although it was okay for some tasks the amount of mistakes that the software made meant that I spent almost as much time correcting as I would have done typing the article by hand. Every so often I come across the latest versions of dictation software and promise myself to give them a go. Then I usually forget all about it, however this time, when I saw the latest version of naturally speaking I read some reviews and then purchased the software.

I’m actually using the software right now to write this article. The software installed without any problems and within 30 minutes I’d run through the basic training. I have to say I’m very impressed with the accuracy, so far I’ve only had to correct one word in this article.

It’s too early to say whether this latest version of Naturally Speaking 10 will be able to replace a lot of my typing, however for writing articles for submission or content for my websites it looks like it will be very useful.

When reading reviews of the software one thing came up repeatedly, and that is having a good quality microphone or headset. I purchased the Sennheiser PC 131 as it got good reviews and seemed decent value at just under £40. I’m not sure whether I would have got such good results with my old headset which came free with the PC I bought around 10 years ago.

So what are my initial thoughts? I’m actually pretty impressed with both the speed and accuracy of the software. Using it pretty much out of the box it performs admirably and the more I use it the more accurate it promises to become. The next big test will be writing that contains more complex characters, and I’ll be sure to let you know how the software copes with that.

If you have been thinking of testing dictation software now might be a good time to give it a go.